All Ireland Marketing Champion 2022

All Ireland Marketing Champion 2022

The All Ireland Marketing Champion Award has been created by the Marketing Institute of Ireland to provide our profession with a means of recognising the achievements of a business leader who

(1) has made an exceptional contribution to business performance over time, displaying leadership, vision and skill, and

(2) is a champion of marketing professionalism as a key driver of overall business success.

This award cannot be entered directly, as the adjudicators will select and deliberate on a shortlist of qualified candidates, and will reach a decision based on known achievements.

Any member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland may submit into the process a nomination for consideration for this award, by simply sending an email to with a brief reasoning for your suggestion. This will be drawn to the attention of the adjudicators as part of the research and selection process. Members should note that whilst we will acknowledge receipt of your suggestion, we do not enter into any further correspondence on the matter.

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