AIM Awards: Marketing Showcase Breakfast 2017

By: The AIM Awards Team | Posted on: 12 Jun 2017


See the award-winning presentations!

Join us for a Marketing Showcase Breakfast and hear from a selection of the 2017 AIM Award winners.

On July 11th, Marketing Team of the Year AIB, New Product winners Britvic Ireland, eCommerce Award winners, Littlewoods Ireland and Advertising Campaign Winners Lidl Ireland, will share insights into their marketing achievements and see the presentation that won them that award!

Throughout the morning these companies will present their marketing success stories, by outlining their business challenge, the approach adopted and their marketing response, which led to their achievements.

Get together with some of your marketing colleagues and see these award-winning presentations.


Event Details

Date: Tuesday 11th of July

Location: The Marker Hotel, Misery Hill, Dublin 2

Time: 8:00am – 11:00 am

Cost: €25 Members and €35 Non Members

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About the Speakers

New Product Award Winner – Britvic Ireland

Represented by

Dee Cunniam, Marketing Manager, Family & Kids

The dilutes soft drinks category has been
in decline, and the marketing team at Britvic knew that increasing its dilutes business would require a focus
on overcoming the main barrier which centres 
on health concerns. As market leader, MiWadi sought to drive category growth by offering consumers more choice. The Britvic team created MiWadi 0% Sugar, the only dilute brand in
the market with zero sugar. The product launch was informed
by extensive consumer participation, and backed by a comprehensive communications campaign, including partnering with Diabetes Ireland. Over the last year, the new product has delivered significant incremental sales and share.

Advertising Campaign Award Winner – Lidl

Represented by

Sian Gray, Head of Marketing  and Suzanne Torsney, Acting Head of Advertising

Lidl traditionally faced major challenges over the Christmas period, with a limited range of branded goods and intense competitive activity vying for the Christmas shop.
 To drive relevance in the market, Lidl promoted two ranges of own brand that appealed to the trade up mentality, and set out to capture the hearts and minds of the Irish shopper with the ‘Homecoming’ advertising campaign, developed with the help of colleagues at Chemistry. This campaign focused on the Irish family Christmas, and the sense of place that becomes so poignant at Christmas time. The campaign gained the highest awareness of Christmas ads and drove a major uplift in sales.

Cliona Hayes, Newstalk  (sponsor of the Advertising Campaign Award), with award winners, Lidl Ireland

eCommerce Award Winner – Littlewoods Ireland

Represented by

Rossa Bulter, Ecommerce & Marketing Manager and Fiona Lee, Digital Marketing Manager

Littlewoods Ireland
has undergone a transformation from catalogue retailer through to being a customer- centred eCommerce player. This has required a complete overhaul of strategy, platforms, processes, operations and expertise to meet constantly evolving customer behaviours
and expectations. In
the past year, with
many competitors moving their business online, Littlewoods responded with an innovative eCommerce, UX, personalisation
and marketing strategy, delivering exceptional results and far outpacing the market growth rates and consolidating their position in the market as Ireland’s largest and most successful online retailer. 

Niall Dineen, Electric Ireland   (sponsor of the eCommerce Award), with award winners, Littlewoods Ireland

Marketing Team of the Year Winner – AIB

Represented by

Mark Doyle, Group Brands Director and Roisin Glynn, Head of Social Media

The AIB brand was toxic after the crash. But some believed that AIB should and could be turned around, and a Strategic Marketing function was established to be the catalyst for full-scale cultural transformation. AIB’s first CMO now leads a team of 120 professional marketers who together own the Customer Strategy and Design, a first for any bank in Europe. With a range of bold high-pro le initiatives underway, €4.6Bn returned to the state to date, a return to profitability, an uplift
in NPS, and the highest brand equity score in the sector, marketing has proved its power and earned its place at the executive leadership table in AIB.

Cera Ward, Google (sponsor of the Marketing Team of the Year Award), with award winners, AIB

About the MC

Pat Kinsley, Neworld Associates.

Pat, a native New Yorker has spent the last 28 years extolling the virtues of branding as an essential commercial device that improves every company’s bottom-line. Pat brings his unique perspective on branding to many different industries from FMCG to Corporates to Charities to Government Agencies. He also finds time each week to battle out topical brand issues in the Irish national media.

Pat has appeared on the AIM Awards judging panels over the last number of years and is a long standing Member of the Marketing Institute.

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