Showcasing Amazing Websites in Ireland

Welcome to Amazing Ireland Awards, where our team of web developers have ranked our favourite websites in Ireland.


We look for websites that work well on computers, mobile phones and tables.


While a site may look good, it’s very important that it works well and in an efficient manner.


We look for uniqueness, for sites that stand out from the crowd.

Why choose Berassoc

We are Irish web and graphic designers

We launched this as a passion project to promote good web design within Ireland, all sites included are based in Ireland.


Best eCommerce Site – QuickCrop

We loved Quickcrop’s web design and their great system for showcasing their products.


in our opinion Quickcrop use excellent unique imagery to showcase their gardening products.


Their use of greens on their website is relevant to gardening and promotes trust.

Product page

Clear prices, specifications and unique product images.

Quickcrop – Raised Beds

Best content website – Betfree

BetFree is an affiliate betting website and their use of carousels to display ‘top picks’ sets them apart from others in our opinion.


As mentioned, their unique carousels set them apart in terms of design and work well on both mobile and desktop.


Their guides work excellently discussing where to bet, and how to find the best option for you.


Colours are a huge factor in promoting trust in our opinion, and Betfree’s use of greens and greys are not too flashy like some, promoting trust.

Betfree – Betting Sites

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